Lets take the examples we did on the
16" X 20" 6 Ad board and apply
It to the NEW 18" X 24" 8 Ad Board

Example Boards:

18" X 24" With 8 Advertising Spots
Providing you with even more options & revenue


Snap Frame
(Single Board 8 Ads)


Shows the
Snap Frame


Double Sided A-Frame
(2 Boards 16 Ads)

Available with Snap Frame or Double Sided A-Frame


Using the same examples but changing to 8 Advertising Spots

Each board has 8 advertising placements the size of a standard business card. You sell the advertising spots and you get paid.

Okay… So here is how it works.
You go into a place that could use a “Specials, Hours, Rates, etc.” sign. (IE: Restaurant, auto repair, hair dresser, and so on and so on. The list is endless) You say to the owner or manager “I would like to give you a FREE Customized “Specials” Dry Erase Board for you to display your daily or current specials on.” (or whatever board you decide) I doubt very much they will kick you out for using the word FREE. They will usually reply asking for more information. This is when you pull out your full size demo which is 18″ X 24″ and show them how nice it is. It can be customized with their business name, they choose the background, whether it will be 18″ High X 24″ Wide or 24″ High X 18″ Wide. Then they will ask how it is free. This is when you explain about the 8 advertising spots and how the advertising will cover the cost of customized production and shipping. Tell them it is a WIN-WIN situation for both them and the advertisers as they will receive the board at no cost to them and the advertisers will benefit by having their ad in front of all of the locations customers. Explain to them that you will produce a new board each year and the design can be changed if they choose with new or renewed advertisers. At this point you would ask them if they had anyone in mind that they believe would like to advertise in their location for an entire year. They will usually tell you a list of customers that come in regularly and believe they would like to reap the benefits of advertising on a board that will be viewed every time a customer walks in. They just made your job much easier.

You now can go about getting advertisers one of 3 ways.

     Option 1- The easiest way is for you to tell the location they can even make money by getting their customers to advertise on the board. Tell them that what ever they sell the ad for over what you decide to charge for the board (Say $550.00 since it will be easy money as they talk to their customers and acquire the advertisers and you pocket $300.00 or set the ad price at say $200 and give them a $25 commission per ad. They would then receive the board and $200.00.). Tell them to have each advertiser choose a spot and give them a business card. On the back of the card have them write the placement number (1-8). Tell them that once they get all the ad spots filled to simply call you and you will come pick up the business cards they get from the advertisers. You then simply scan or take a high quality picture of the cards, log back into the designer, pull up their design and place the image files for the cards in the positions the advertisers requested.
You may want to leave the board for the location to use as a demo. Additional demo board sets are available at a discounted price of just $99.00 or $149.00 per additional Distributor Kit + $20.00 shipping (Same shipping for 1 or as many as you need. Additional boards ordered at sign up we will wave the shipping cost). If you are using this sales tactic several demo boards are a good idea so you can have multiple locations creating boards at the same time.

     Option 2- The most profitable way: You seek out the advertisers. Explain to them for a small fee (Which you create that is acceptable in your area, as every area has a different value on advertising. Keep in mind this is for an entire year of advertising and emphasize that when talking to your prospect. I would not go less than $100 for placement. Average is usually at least $150.00. But lets use $100 for this example. Also in this demo we will be talking to a male business owner. Everything could be modified to whom ever you are speaking with.) So you are sitting with an advertising prospect and showing them the board after you told them that John Doe from Doe’s Bread and pastries (Did you get that??? LOL) sent you to see them about advertising on a specials board in his place. Well since you had a foot in the door by using John Doe as a reference you have broken the ice. He will ask how much and you say “For an entire year advertising on a board similar to this it would only be $100.00. (Replace with what you will charge). It is a simple business card size ad so we could place your business card on here pointing to the advertising spots and say “every time someone comes into John’s place they will be looking at this sign because they will want to see what is on special.” He is hooked and you ask him which spot he would like. He will point to one. Be sure to mark on the ones that are sold so there is no confusion. Once he confirms and is sold on the idea, get his business card and place it over the spot he chose and say “This is what it will look like”. He will smile. Once you have payment for the advertising, you have earned his trust and respect. (He would not have paid you if he felt otherwise) tell him that you will be doing other projects like this at other locations, and ask him if he would be interested in advertising on future projects. If he says yes to this be sure to get another card for your records.(You may even go as far as to ask if he would be interested in one for his business)
By having a list of people that are interested in future advertising it will make future projects much easier, but 2 things about using them.
1- Use the referrals from the location receiving the sign first as they have a personal relationship with that customer/prospect and they could be placed into your future advertiser list.
2- DO NOT WARE OUT ADVERTISERS. What I mean is do not get just a few future advertisers on your list and call them repeatedly or they will not be on your list for long and may not renew on next years board.
Oh did I fail to tell you that you will be going back to John Doe’s Bread and pastries in a year to replace the board you just gave them with a new one with New or Renewed advertising. Yep… Every year you repeat and get paid again.
NOTE: The signs are Aluminum. When you replace them every year, save them yourself and scrap them when you get a bunch for added $.

     Option 3- You can hire sales people and have them do all the foot work for you. Gaining locations and advertisers. Give them a commission on ad revenue. (You may want to get the locations and have your sales people get the advertisers. This would give you better control over the boards)

So here is the breakdown:
John Does Bread and pastries Specials Board
You sold 8 advertising spots at $100.00 each for a total of $800.00
Your production cost for us to customize the sign with the format they want Portrait or Landscape, Background, advertisements, shipping to you so you can present it to your customer is just $250.00. Plus the cost of the Snap Frame $60.00 That leaves you $490.00.
Do that just once per week and that would be $25,480.00 per year giving away Specials Boards

Lets change the selling price to the average of $150.00 and see what happens:
So you sell 8 ads at $150 each gives you a total of $1200.00
Your production cost does not change and is still just $250.00 Plus Snap Frame $60.00
You now have $890.00 instead of $490.00.
Do that just once per week and that would be $46,280.00 per year.
You sell the advertising at the cost you want, Just be sure to be able to cover the $250.00 production cost and cost of frame when needed.

Just for the heck of it, lets do it at $50.00 and see what happens. ( I do not recommend this price unless you have to)
So you sell 8 ads at $50.00 for a total of $400.00
Production cost is still $250.00 Plus $60.00 for the Snap Frame.
You now have $90.00 in your pocket.
Do that just once per week and that would still be a respectable $4,680.00 per year. A nice side income.
Do any of these a few times per month and you have a decent profit.

This could be a great side income, college student income, organization fundraiser or
a full time income and work for yourself.