Okay… So we know you have questions. This should cover most of them.

Q- I am concerned about the price. If this opportunity has so much potential, why is it so inexpensive to join?
A- What an awesome question and I hope I can ease your concerns. The reason the cost to get started is so inexpensive is we are not trying to make money on you joining. We want you as a distributor and feel that we would rather make joining affordable and you use the difference of what we are charging and what we could charge to put into better use in your new business. Without distributors this is only an idea.

Q- Is this a franchise?
A- NO. This is not a franchise. You run under your own business name, pay your own taxes, there are no franchise fees. You are simply ordering a product from us to sell/provide to your customers. Unlike a franchise, You may not use our name or logos in your business.

Q- Do you accept Bitcoin to sign up and for the boards?
A- Though it is not our preferred payment method we will accept Bitcoin. We do not accept any other alt coins. Once you fill out the form you will have the choice to pay with our preferred payment of PayPal or you can choose Bitcoin. Once you choose Bitcoin the next step will be to either scan the QR Code or send to the wallet code in the form and send the total amount stated. Once we confirm receipt of the Bitcoin total that matches the amount required we will send you a confirmation email and start processing your distributorship according to the agreement.

Q- I would like my county and the county next to me. Can I claim more than one county/territory?
A- Yes. You may claim as many counties as you would like. If interested in your entire state let us know and we will create a package for you if all of the counties are available. If someone else has a territory in that state you may purchase the remaining counties if you would like. Claims on multiple counties or entire state will require agreed territory fee for the state to be paid upon acceptance of agreed fee for that state. The reason we will require early payment is so people do not just claim an area and are not truly interested. We are looking for truly interested and driven distributors.

Q- I live in a rural area and think $50.00 per ad is a better price. Can I still do this?
A- Yes. As you can see in our demo sale on the home page you can do $50.00 per ad and you could make a good income with multiple boards per month. If you only do one board per week that would be an extra $5,200.00 in your pocket per year. To make a decent living doing this alone you would probably want to either charge more or do more boards.

Q- Once I claim my county/territory and pay my initial $149.00 are there any other charges? Monthly, Annually, etc.
A- No. Unlike a franchise, once you claim your county/territory it is yours. We do not charge any further fees to be a part of this great opportunity. The only further cost would be for each board you order.

Q- How do we submit the design for the board?
A- We make it as simple as possible. We have created another website on a different domain name to keep your business and customers away from this page. In that web page Distributor Member area you will have access to a designer for the boards. This makes it so simple to pull up the designer with your location prospect and actually design the board in front of them including them in the process. This makes it more interesting for them. Here is a screen shot of the designer.

Q- Do you put any identifying marks on the boards that may identify you and cost me future customers or revenue?
A- NO. We do not put anything at all that identifies us (Our Company) on the boards. This is your business and Your Success is Our Success.

Q- Do you ship directly to the customer? Wouldn’t that identify your company?
A- Again, No. We ship to you so you can personally take it to your customer and make a big deal out of it. How nice it is and how it will help them. We have no intention to take your customers. They are Your customers of Your business. Without your efforts and success, we could not do this.

Q- How long does it take to get a board completed and delivered to me?
A- We will put the board into production usually within 48 to 72 hours (Not including weekends or holidays and are produced in order received). The board is complete the same day as placed into production process and will ship out the next business day via USPS. So turn around time depending on shipping address, weekends and holidays should be around 10-15 business days.

Q- If I sign up today, when will I receive my dealer package?
A- Currently, we are in pre-launch registration. No payment will be due till we send out the notifications. That notification is scheduled to go out the end of September 2020. and we are looking to start shipping out dealer packages October 1, 2020 or sooner if we finish the Distributor Website and reach our Distributor Sign-Up goal. You will be notified if this date changes. Yes this seems like a long time but during this time we are also working on the finer points of the program, like the member section on our Dealer Only Website (Not this site) which will have, downloads for forms, presentation information & training videos, and our custom board designer. There is so much for us to do to make this work but we want you to get in now to secure your county as your territory. No one else will be able to claim it once you do.

Q- What does the dealer package consist of?
A- In your dealer package you will receive a full size 20″  X 14″ demo Specials Dry Erase Board. This board will be double sided to show the two different layouts. Access to our dealer only website with Location Prospect Presentation training, Advertiser presentation training, Order forms for locations & advertisers, training videos and information as well as access to our custom board designer.

Q- How and when will I receive my commission?
A- This is not commission. You collect payment directly from your advertisers. From the funds you collect you order the board from us. We do not handle any of your transactions.

Q- Should I accept Checks & Credit Cards?
A- I am not saying yes or no on this as it depends on how you want to run your business but, I would highly recommend that you accept both. People are more likely to pull out a credit card than cash. Go to PayPal.com or another company and get a credit card slider. It will make your life so much easier and will send a receipt directly to the advertisers email.

Q- Can I hire employees/sales personnel to increase my sales?
A- That again is up to your business model. A sales force working for you could be a very powerful tool for your business. We welcome people that are driven to produce and we are up to the challenge to keep up with your demand. Additional demo boards are available at only $99.00 each plus $20.00 shipping no matter how many you need. If you order additional boards at sign up we will wave the shipping charge.

Q- Is there a minimum that I have to sell to keep my territory?
A- We recommend doing a minimum of at least 1 per month. We understand that you may be doing this as a side income and encourage doing this as a side income. If there is any issue where you know it will be a longer than usual period of time between orders, all we ask is that you let us know. (IE: Medical issue, moving, etc). If we do not receive any orders from you for a period of 6 months without contact from you, we will place the county back on available and someone would be able to claim your territory.

Q- Can I sell my territory or will it to someone?
A- Heck yea. This is your business. The territory is designated to your business. You are more than welcome to sell or will what is yours. Just let us know and be sure to provide whomever is buying or receiving your business all the locations you have already given boards to and I would recommend giving them your advertiser list. There will be no transfer fee with us. Just update the information in your member area and we are all set. This way we know future orders will be shipped to them and not you. This is all that will change with us.

Q- Do I need a business license?
A- My answer would be yes, but you would want to check what you need with your local county office. We will need a copy of your sales tax ID on file to purchase the boards, so that would make most areas a yes.

Q- How are the signs produced and why are they $200.00?
A- Good question. First off the signs are made of aluminum with a high quality white gloss coat. We will be using a high end photo quality UV printer. UV ink is very expensive as is the printer which costs over $50,000.00 alone plus overhead including location, labor, electric etc. and shipping we feel that $200.00 is an extremely reasonable cost with the potential return profit for you as a dealer.